Top 3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying a Sprint Phone Plan

Having trouble looking at all the Sprint phone plans and figuring out which one is right for you? With all the choices available it can be really confusing. In this article we cover the different plans Sprint has to offer and what questions to ask when trying to find the best plan for you. After reading this you’ll have all the info you need to make an informed decision.

First, do you text a lot? If you are an avid texter then you want to look into the Everything Messaging plan. You’ll get unlimited text, video, and picture messaging for only $49.99 a month (450 minutes). In this day and age everybody is texting, even more so than talking on the phone. That’s why this plan is so important nowadays. And it’s great for a family with teenagers, as they will mainly text rather then talk, giving the minutes to the adults. Family plan starts at $99.99 (2 lines), with each additional line costing $9.99 per month.

Second, do you browse the web? With all the apps for phones nowadays it is easy to see why people need data. Everyone is connected to the internet, with the rise of Facebook and Twitter most people really need to have access to the internet on their phone. The Everything Data plan fixes that for only $69.99 a month for 450 minutes talk, unlimited data and messaging.

Third, do you live on your phone? If you live on your cellphone the Simply Everything plan is for you! Cellphones are becoming more and more integrated into peoples lives. Using them as there main phone, checking email for work, posting the latest news on twitter, or texting people. So it’s important to have a plan that will keep up with them. With unlimited talk, messaging, and data for only $99.99 it really is a great offer considering what other companies offer for their unlimited plan.
You should be prepared to make your choice on what Sprint phone plan is best for you. Just ask yourself the simple questions above and you’ll pick the right thing for your budget and lifestyle.

And, since I like Sprint.. Here’s a funny commercial ­čśÇ


Voice Cell Phone Plans in the U.S

Finding the very best mobile plan can sometimes be a real headache, so you can imaging my surprise when I found Sprint phone plans when I was searching around online for the best value voice cell plans in the US. I was looking for a plan with everything for everyone and I had a budget of two hundred dollars a month to spend on the phone. After all, we were basically trading off our land line for the mobile network, so it was important to make sure that we had the features and range that suited us.

With Sprint having a good reputation as a service provider, it made sense to at least take a look at what they had to offer. The first thing I noticed was the simplicity of their plans compared with other carriers. I could easily understand the various packages and the difference between each one. Being able to see this almost on one screen, made it easy for me to determine what I would need and how much I would have to pay.

I liked the look of the Simply Everything┬« Family package, so that’s where I conducted my research. The plan would cost me one hundred and ninety dollars each month, and it would take care of my family, or so the plan name suggests. The plan offers extras that are not available under other plans, and it also has six-month check ups for my phone. Of course there are special anniversary gifts as well, as a part of the gold treatment from Sprint.

So included in my family package voice cell phone plans in the U.S, I will receive GPS navigation capabilities, mobile email through Sprint where I can create any number of email accounts I choose. This will come in handy for the family. The package also includes access to Sprint radio which means I can listen to my favorite music via the phone when I want. I can even watch television via the Sprint TV network. Unlimited Call forwarding is another great feature of this plan.

When it came down to it, I was so impressed with the website, the service and the feedback from satisfied users, that I did not really investigate too many alternative suppliers. I was more interested in giving Sprint a go, but selecting the right package for what I needed. Of course my emphasis was on voice calls as opposed to text messaging, but it was easy to sort out in the end. For the cost of less than what I intended to spend, thus saving some money on the budget, I decided to go with the Simply Everything® Family package. It has everything I need to keep my family safe and in touch with each other, and the background on the company seems secure and trustworthy.

As mentioned earlier, there are literally hundreds of different voice cell phone plans in the U.S. In order to try and make your job easier, I have given you my experiences with the Sprint phone plans, so you can judge for yourself if the same plan is suitable for your needs.

Text Cell Phone Plans in the U.S

We all know and understand that finding the best mobile plan is important, which is why I came into contact with some of the Sprint phone plans available. Trying to find a plan for your mobile is like trying to sort out which insurance policy offers the best value, and one thing I have come to realize over the years is that when you find a good supplier of something, stick with them.

Sprint has become a force to be reckoned with in the market and it is no wonder. The company is predominantly a wireless technology company that has many different brands within its product range. However it took a little time getting to the information as there is so much available online. It seems that nowadays everyone is selling mobile plans, and text cell phone plans in the US.

Once I arrived at a site that was able to provide me comparisons between different plans, I decided to take stock of what my phone was generally used for. Ask yourself this when you commence your next plan. Do I use more text calls than voice calls? Calculate how many texts you would send and receive each month and compare that with the number of calls you make. Decide if you are better off getting a plan that focuses on call rates after certain hours, or would you be better off with a text cell phone plan that concentrated on providing incentives for sending text messages.

Sprint has a range of text cell phone plans in the US. Prices seem to range between ten dollars a month and thirty dollars per month including some add on features. Even the more expensive option would work out to a budget of just seven dollars per week, so its not a lot to pay for the ability to send thousands of texts, and receive calls. There are options for capped and non-capped plans, so you will be able to determine if these options are something you need.

With these text cell phone plans in the US, you can send texts both nationally and internationally so there are no restrictions when it comes to call location. You can text your message from your phone of course, but you can also send them via your web browser, and users can also receive emails as opposed to text messages. The Sprint phone plans also offer the ability for you to send text messages to landlines, which are recorded as voice messages. When a response is sent, you will receive a text to let you know.

The bottom line is that for the price, I prefer to move with a company that is showing strong growth. I also like the idea of continued research and development into future technologies, and I love the idea of unlimited text cell phone plans in the US. Sprint has shown to support each of these things, and the reports from existing customers seem to be very positive. On that basis, Sprint phone plans are arguably the best value for money on the market today.

Welcome to Phone Plans

In this blog, I am going to take a look at various phone plans by United States cell phone providers.

You will find comparisons, advice and tips on choosing the perfect cellphone plan for you – whether you need just a basic plan for talking, or you need to send a lot of text messages, or you need to send and receive insane amounts of data.

Here’s a short background about me – my job is resource management in a company, and of course, one of the subjects I have done a lot of research in, is cell phone plans, so I thought – why not share what I’ve learned? That is why I made this blog ­čÖé

I hope you enjoy reading it and this will help you to pick the right plan for you.